February 7th 2009 Concert £6 (£8)
An Evening of Quartets

String Quartet
Gill Stevenson ~ violin   Avril Mitchell ~ violin
Fiona Delay ~ viola   Ray Walters ~ cello

Flute Quartet ("Flutessence")
Paul Dorrell photo John Coote
Carol Alderson Alison Travis

Flutessence is an ensemble of flutes formed originally in 2002. They perform music from many different countries in a variety of styles, including Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century. Some of the more modern repertoire is influenced by jazz, Celtic and popular music.

Many of the pieces are written specifically to exploit the sound of four, three or two flutes, whilst other pieces are arrangements of chamber, orchestral and choral music. As well as the familiar concert flute, a piccolo and alto flute are added to the mix.

Find out more at their website.