March 11th 2006 Concert 7 (9)
Copenhagen Chamber Ensemble

Supported by the Danish Cultural Institute

Hans Gammeltoft-Hansen ~ flute
Gert Herzberg ~ oboe
Wladyslaw Marchwinsky ~ violin
Anders Oberg ~ cello
Steen Lindholm ~ harpsichord

Now in its 20th year, the Copenhagen Chamber Ensemble consists of three old friends from the Copenhagen Choir School, a Polish violinist and a cellist from Northern Sweden, both of whom have positions in leading Danish orchestras. The group thus reflects the combination of tradition and versatility which has always been characteristic of the musicians who form the musical life of Denmark

Concerto No 6 in G Vivaldi
Quintetto in D Telemann
Faculty (1993) Niels Viggo Bentzon
Trio-sonate in G BWV1038 Bach
Suite from Drottingholmmusikken Johan Helmich Roman