June 3rd 2006 Concert 5
Last Night
"Miss Hook of Holland"

By Paul A Rubens

A Dutch Musical Incident (first performed 1907)
a concert performance revival
Geoff Porter ~ Musical Director
Rex Latter ~ piano
Marion Porter ~ Narrator


Ludwig Schnapps Mr Peter Rice
Foreman of Distillery, in love with Mina  
Simon Slinks Mr Charles Dixon
a Loafer by the Canal at Arndyk  
Captain Adrian Paap Mr Alan Jackson
of the Mounted Artillery  
Bandmaster van Vuyt Mr David Bathurst
Mr Hook Mr Derek Debuse
a Widower, a Wealthy Liqueur Distiller  
Mina Mrs Ann Bray
Maid to the Hooks  
Freda Voos Mrs Gillian Wintle
Villager Mrs Barbara Leech
Sally Mrs Shirley Burrington
Miss Hook of Holland  

Chorus of Market Folk, Soldiers, Cheese Merchants, Villagers, Assistants in the Liqueur Distillery etc. above plus: Pat Alderton, Glenda Ashdown-Watts, Tony Borrow, Maureen Bravington, Pauline Browne, June Colegate, Mark Everitt, Anita Hayward, Peter Hayward, Craig Huntley, Ros Lawrence, Malcolm Lawrence, Janet Reeves, Elizabeth Smith, Pam Smith, Ann Rogers, Janice Walter, Linda Ward.

Act One: The Cheese Market at Arndyk, on the borders of the Zuyder Zee

Opening Chorus "To market, to market, the whole world is going"
Song (Freda) "Have you been to Arndyk?"
Song (Schnapps) & Chorus "Miss Hook"
Knitting Sextet "We are little orphans"
Song (Slinks) & Chorus of Men "Lazy Loafers"
Song (Sally) "Fly Away, Kite"
Cheese Chorus "We've purchased our meat for dinner"
Song (Paap) & Chorus "Soldiers of the Netherlands"
Duet (Sally & Van Vuyt) & Chorus "The Sleepy Canal"
Song (Mina) & Chorus "The Flying Dutchman"
Trio (Schnapps, Slinks & Hook) & Chorus "A Little Bit of Cheese"
Song (Van Vuyt) & Chorus "Tra-la-la"
Finale "Is it insubordination?"

~ Interval ~

Act Two: The Interior of the Liqueur Distillery, Amsterdam

Opening Chorus "Any time you're passing"
Madrigal "Bottles"
Song (Freda) "The cigar he bought her"
Song (Sally) & Chorus of Girls "Little Miss Wooden Shoes"
Song (Mina) "A Pink Petty from Peter"
Concerted Number "The House that Hook Built"
Song (Van Vuyt) & Chorus of Girls "Little Liqueur"
Duet (Mina & Schnapps) "Pop, pop, pop"
Song (Schnapps) & Chorus "Harwich to Hook"
Song (Sally) & Chorus "Cream of the Sky"

Mrs Hook made her exit from a troubled world when her husband was about thirty years of age. As some compensation for her early departure she bequeathed him a legacy in the shape of a daughter, Sally, who, in addition to a pretty face and an excellent voice, possessed a remarkable aptitude for business. By force of her character and her shrewdness, plus her invention of a wonderful liqueur, Mr Hook eventually finds himself at the head of a thriving establishment and with a considerable fortune in the bank. One day he happens to drop from his pocket the recipe of the precious liqueur. It is picked up by a loafer who, for a consideration, passes it on to Captain Adrian Paap, a dashing officer in love with Sally, and who thinks the possession of the little bit of paper will considerably help his cause with the distiller's daughter. But the young lady has given her heart, and she intends to follow up with her hand, to a handsome bandmaster. Being a lady of some character she carries her point and brings the piece to a satisfactory conclusion.

12 January 1908, Chicago Daily Tribune, p.B3: Has the slang of "get the hook" reached you? It originated with the "amateur nights" in vaudeville, when aspirants are tried and usually found wanting. Sometimes the stage manager reached out with a hooked pole to pull the worst of them in. After the Washington start of "Miss Hook of Holland," one word in the title took on pertinency, for Frohman "got the hook" and jerked the principal two comedians out of it.

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"Miss Hook of Holland" was produced at The Prince of Wales Theatre, London, on January 31st, 1907 and ran for 462 performances. It was probably last heard in Bognor Regis by The Amateur Operatic Society from 9th-16th April, 1955 at The Esplanade Theatre.

A CD, AEI-CD 049, is available from the U.S.A.